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Relationships Based on Equality

Unlike an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, a relationship based on equality is one in which the dating partners are on an even playing ground. One partner is not trying to control or get power over another. Each person respects the other for his skills, abilities, talents and gifts. Each helps the other grow and shine in who they are.  Here are some signs of a healthy dating relationship.

NEGOTIATION AND FAIRNESS: Problems or struggles are a part of every relationship. In relationships based on equality, couples seek mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict, accept change and are willing to talk and compromise.

Customize Glitter Pumps JOOGO Leather Party Coppy Sandals Big D'Orsay Women's Pointed Size Hin Green Green Dark Shoes Dark Graceful Fashion Heels Wedding Toe Dress NON-THREATENING BEHAVIOR: This involves talking and acting so that dating partners feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves and being involved in the kinds of activities that interest them.

RESPECT: This implies that the dating partners don't stand in the way of each other growing and changing. It also means listening to each other non-judgmentally, being emotionally affirming and understanding as well as valuing each other's opinions.

HONESTY AND Dark Glitter D'Orsay Sandals Graceful Dark Shoes Pumps Leather Toe Heels Women's Size Fashion Dress Green Party Green Hin Pointed Coppy JOOGO Customize Wedding Big ACCOUNTABILITY: In a relationship based on equality, dating partners accept responsibility for themselves and their actions. They admit when they are wrong and communicate openly and truthfully.

SEXUAL RESPECT: It is important to respect each other's feelings and the right to have control over one's own body. This means understanding the differences between love, sex and intimacy.

PARTNERSHIP: This involves treating a dating partner as an equal and a whole human being. It also means respecting the partner's decisions and opinions, listening and sharing responsibilities based on skills, interests and abilities.

CULTURAL RESPECT:Fashion Lacoste 116 Green 1 Men's Strideur Dark Sneaker gaZxaIn8U Each of us has a cultural heritage and background. In no culture do people enjoy being emotionally or physically abused in intimate relationships. Cultural respect involves partners allowing each other to be who they are and respecting the other's path as equally important as their own.